Diggin Through The Tapes – Part 1 – High Wycombe Skateboarding

October 2, 2012 [06:04:08]


With High Wycombe Skatepark having been built for 4 Years (3rd of October 2008)
There seamed like no time to dig through the Tapes and Archives from
the days past Skateboarding in High Wycombe.
Many great characters have graced the skatepark and street spots in the town, besides
the usual locals, some have stayed and others have just been passing through over
the Last 4 years of the Skatepark being built….

So Enjoy the First of a few digs through the tapes and archives…

The Clips featured in here are ones that where Filmed for LIABILITY,
But where unused in the end…

Watch LIABILITY Here : http://vimeo.com/17889233

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